" We create high-quality pieces of clothing with hidden details "  

(Eric San Giorgi, Founder, CEO)


Our Mission

The Superdik team is determined to spread happiness through the medium of clothing. We create engaging, witty and high-quality ready-to-wear pieces of art that serve as ideal conversation & experience starters. We launch a new product on the first monday of the month, kicked off at 12:00PM by the serenade of the Dutch air alarm.

local production

We work together with I-did Slow Fashion, a socially engaged production house in Utrecht.
Employees get the chance to learn about clothing production in trade for actual production. 

Our Products

We started out making t-shirts in 2010, and our product portfolio has been broadening ever since.
From beach capes to shopper bags and from bad-weather-sweaters to 80s sunglasses: we try to surprise our fans every month!

The rules of our game

(1) Every product contains a hidden detail
(2) We only sell limited editions
(3) We ship in the most original packaging
(4) Every customer receives a handwritten note


In August 2013 we sold 150 unique "Banana Shares" in our monkey business. The lucky owners of these banana shares are the foundation of our operation. We are in constant conversation with them to optimize our products. In return we invite them to our yearly Banana Shareholder Meeting: a disco party with a constant rain of confetti and good vibes. 

our future oscar speech

It’s not about us. It’s not about our clothing.
Superdik is about the people that wear it.
Customers, fans, kindred spirits.
They live, rock and rule our brand.
We are only here
To give them epic conversation- and experience starters
To let them interact, engage and love,
And make this planet the crazy creative place it is.

This Oscar is yours.
— Mr Superdik